• Jubilee Street

Sing Street

There was one other person waiting for the theater to open. i was glad he was there, so i wouldn't feel too dweeby waiting all alone, in case no one was going to come sell me a first showing ticket in the morning. i have no idea who the other person was, i suspect, like me, he is also a aging rocker . . . (yeah for the dreamers, hm?)

It WAS nifty, when we did manage tickets and treats to see him already seated in the dark several rows ahead of me.

This movie was filled with hope. I remember my own days, using music and performance art to survive the rocky sea life seemed to present. It was also easy to see all the young people I am privileged to teach, with their fresh ideas and persistence, they give me satisfaction, knowing this century is in very good hands.

I'm gonna purchase the soundtrack, to cheer me on.

Like the young people in this story, i continue past bullies that try to sideline dreams . . . .

All i can say is, i enjoyed the film - I hope you do, too - and i hope you have nice people to wait in line with . . or, better yet - terrific people to adventure with you.

Sing Street - opened this morning near my house.