• Jubilee Street

Adventures Abound

Everything seems exciting and new - Flowers on trees, tiny bees, new parks to explore . . . and stories to share. We are surfing library stacks, listening to people, looking for success stories - along with anything else that sparks our imagination and moves our heart.

Pirates capture our attention constantly. What's fun about that is - since we play pirates - and think about pirates - more stories about pirates show up. In fact, we picked up a used book for a penny - just in case we had to wait somewhere for a while. We didn't realize there was going to be a pirate in the story - an 18th Century Pirate in the 20th Century world.

So, we have figured out it's best to think about the kind of adventure we'd prefer to have - chances are - what we hold in our thoughts show up in our world.

Collecting stories about Successful Pirates, I suppose . . . giggle!