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How Great It Is

I heard a quote from Africa on NPR. It said "If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel long, go with others." Golly, that resonated with me.

I used to go and do most everything alone. Traveling alone can be scary. For many years I had the company of my Border Collie and He made all the difference.

When I look around at things that have lasted a long time, like family stories than can trace back hundreds, even thousand of years, now that's going long. Sometimes challenging, but the stories, love and hope seem to continue out forever.

Well, I just had the best demonstration. The music conference I attended was thrilling. There we hundreds of talented, friendly people and there were inspiring teachers. Sitting in class I was comfortable but, during unstructured, free time - I simply shrank away to a quiet corner. Except, there were two lovely friends, co-teachers, attending the same event and they allowed me to spend time with them. We shared our experiences and a little of our personal stories. It was comforting, being with friends. Even though we chose different classes to attend, we were there for each other.

Returning to school, happy to see friends and students, there's a feeling of belonging I never had when i was "traveling fast - and alone . . . "

We like to sing a phrase from Psalms 133.1 about how good it is when we gather . . .

I agree. How Great It Is When Everybody Is Hanging Out. Let's 'Travel Long . . ' Let's cheer for each other. Let's see the best for each other and keep each other company . . .

love & love,