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Stories Inside

I have been catching up on my reading list.

Today I was reading "Project Mulberry" by Linda Sue Park. Her writing has won a lot of awards and made a difference in many young lives.

Linda Sue Park offered a peek inside the creation of this story. I enjoyed learning about her process.

What I wanted to share with you today is her idea, "Every story has another story inside . . "

I agree with that completely. First, because there is always more than we can see and second, i suspect there are entire worlds behind each interaction we offer one another.

It's possible we would see each other as super heroes, if we knew "the rest of the story." *

I'll continue my quest to read every book on my list, to keep asking questions, to listen for more . . . to share the best bits with you - and, I hope to learn more of YOUR Story, too. I hope you'll feel brave enough to share.

love & love,

your maggid

* Thank you, Paul Harvey