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Funny Valentine

I'm looking forward to Valentine's. It has been my favorite because it's okay to say "I Love You" to people. I've been stationary for a few years now and learned, when you are NOT on a stage, but face to face with people you see (and love) every day . . they can get a little riled up - and some can behave in unexpected ways . . . since i didn't know how to handle these new interactions, my favorite has lost a little bit of luster . . .

Until NOW . . . Guess what? I get to attend Song Camp! Oh yes, I have been given the gift of three days of "Song Camp." It is designed to help me be even more effective in just about everything I do and . . it's a real gift.

It does not escape me that it begins on February 14th . . . (will "Song Camp" be thrilled when my happy spirit arrives and stays to play for three whole days?)

Special Thanks to "D" for catching me "in action" - C'mon February, here we come!

love & love,


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