• Jubilee Street


Are we there, yet? Are we "Happy?" We spent a lot of last year singing and dancing to the hit song, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams - and, golly, I hope He's Happy. I am just now sorting out what I DO want, (what makes me happy) and what i don't want (stuff that lacks luster for me.) I have no idea why i spent so much time collecting ideas thank caused me to wander far afield . . . yeppers, I've spent some "frown time" wondering how the heck I ended up feeling lost.

I have decided to make a beeline

for things that increase my "happy factor"

and leave the limitless possibilities,

endless ideas and choices that invigorate others for them to play with.

Still figuring out which direction to choose?

No worries, if it Feels Happy for me

That's where I'll wander.

Maybe our "happy" will coincide.

Then, i hope to see you there.

love & love,

your maggid