• Jubilee Street

Good times on the Dinosaur Quilt

It was brittle cold outside this morning, but upstairs in our story time space it was toasty warm. We had plenty of giggles and smiles, cuddled together in laps provided by loving guardians - or, simply checking out the space on our dinosaur quilt.

We read three books, one of them was "Night Animals" by Gianna Marino. It was delightful - the illustrations made us giggle.

The children section is stuffed full of amazing reads at Subterranean Books. Walk through the front door, straight back, picture books are closest to the stairs, there's a terrific section of board books and "indestructables" - (something that should have been invented when i was a kid.) next, along the wall are the books for "middle readers." i assure you the very best reads are there. i get reviews from my students, and find everyone of them on the shelves here. Then, Young Adult Books - which plenty of adult readers enjoy, too.

Well, it's my tip for january . . the shelves are posh with terrific reads . . .