• Maggid Georgy

"Didn't It Rain!"

Rain? That's an understatement.

Beyond that, what else is new? Today is the last Monday of 2015. That's kinda nifty to consider.

Let's see. Finally dry from an extended stroll with my pupster. Good for both of us. Not quite caught up with everything for my classes. I have no reason for that, just can't think i have anything important enough to add to guardian inboxes. I figure they have as much to delete as i do . . . hmmm.

Working on a story to submit, wanting to update three blogs - (and create one for the pupster . . what, am i nuts?) Looking forward to three upcoming "educational events." The second round of "Design101Redux." A thrity-day event from Mike Dooley and, in February a three day conference that covers most everything i do . . . (but, of course, NOT what or who I am . . yes?? . . giggle.)

Now that I have begun to share, i realize it is also "pouring" in my life . . . did i notice a drought before? well. NO . . I did notice lots of white knuckle episodes . . . SO, i declare all of this New "RAIN" - Total and Complete Blessing.

Bring it on.

What about YOU??? What's Up in Your World???

love & love,