• Jubilee Street

Voices . . .

My puppy and I started out for a walk - it was windy, clouds beginning to gather for the expected rain storm. No street traffic, most families are already gathered for their Thanksgiving Rituals.

I heard rather loud male voices and assumed it was the family across the street because there were lots of cars parked in front and there are plenty of men in their clan.

A half a block over, I think I STILL hear those voices. I wondered if my imagination was working overtime. But, we were enjoying what promised to be a Great Walk, so I tried to think about other things.

Three blocks away - I hear them, getting louder. The puppy doesn't seem concerned . . Eventually I notice houses with lots of cars and open doors and remember . . Thanksgiving Thursday . . and FOOTBALL . . those voices were announcers for whatever game is most popular in our area . . .

I have a fleeting memory of my dad, in front of the television . . . yelling directions to players on the screen - Oh yeah, It's Thanksgiving Thursday - and all is well . . people are parked in front of screens and my puppy and I are in awe of swirling leaves in the wind.

sending love,