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Ghosting Time Seems Near

It was an unusual story morning at Subterranean Books.

The door opened as soon as I walked up. New Books were in the window. New people arrived. It was raining AND, even though the street is still blocked off . . there was No Construction Noise.

We only had time for two books, instead of our usual three. What's Up with That???

It was alright though, because both were enchanting.

"Leo - a ghost story" by Mac Barnett and Christian Robinson about making new friends, being 'real' and saving the day.

"The Whisper" by Pamela Zagarenski (a georgy favorite children's author and illustrator) is a timeless treasure. The illustrations are rich with wonder. Every page turn captures your attention and minutes later you may find your imagination wandering the page.

Inspirational wandering is kind of the point in this beautiful book. A child borrows an interesting book, but on the way home all the words spill out, so when it's time to read, all there are are pictures. Still, the imagination is able to provide story after story . . . .

I hope you give yourself a chance to read and enjoy this one many times.

Of course, you can find these, and many more at

Subterranean Books

6275 Delmar, In the Loop, 63130 314-862-6100

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love & love,