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D'ya know the song, "My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys?"

In my case, my imaginary family were “cowboys.”

I claimed the Cartwright Family as my own and pretended we all lived in that Huge log house in the Ponderosa Pines.

The reason I bring that up today? I heard the “lost episodes” of Bonanza were going to be shown, beginning next week, on TV. I didn't know any of “our” episodes WERE lost (did you?) I'll be sure to check it out, to me it will seem like family home movies . . . and, perhaps, these newly recovered episodes will be the ones with their “little sister” saving the day.

Okay, a cowgirl can dream, right?

love & love,


PS. Although my imaginary Family were all those Cartwright fellows, My hero was Annie Oakley - BUT, that's another story.