• Jubilee Street

Way To Go!!!!

Aren't you amazing? So many managed the strange travel instructions and made it to story time.

Hurray for all of us. It's true, every week the arrangement of huge trucks and machinery changes and STILL - story time people find their way.

Color me Grateful.

I should have asked what YOUR favorite book was this morning, instead of singing extra crazy songs . . BUT, singing with you was So Much Fun. So, today, I'll choose the new book by Eric Carle:

I don't know Eric Carle (too bad for me) - I sure enjoy his Color Filled Books, filled with Wonder and Joy. It seems to me most of the world loves his work. I'm mighty happy about that.

"The Nonsense Show" by Eric Carle is bright, and filled with silly ideas. The children enjoyed the book as much as the parents, which is always a great thing because, once we have our books at home, we get to visit them over and over and over again. The colorful ideas in this book will keep our hearts glad for generations.

For anyone who was discomboobled this morning by Delmar Blvd. being impassable - here are helpful suggestions:

**PARKING TIPS** If you're coming to the Loop to stroll and visit multiple establishments, the best place to park is still in the huge free lots behind Fitz's. If you're coming down just to see us (pick up an order, see an author, whatever...) the best place to park is on the streets NORTH of us and take the walkway to Delmar that runs along the Peacock Diner/grocery store. Piece of cake!

Subterranean Books, Tuesday Mornings @ 10:30 AM

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Sing Silly Songs.

See you soon!

love & love,