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We Are Family

It often seems to me we are all part of a limitless, colorful, traveling family. (Although, sometimes i think we are part of a mobile art exhibit . . giggle . . . either way, I think all together we are marvelous.)

Today, i got off the train and, looking around, saw there was a group of international students also standing on the platform. I was certain of my destination - while the group seemed to be huddled in a conference, but soon i noticed we were all walking the same half mile path - all of us about to take a test.

Oh, i was so proud of these young people. They have come from around the world to study at one of our universities, patiently finding their was past cultural differences and language challenges.

I cheer for each one when it was clear they passed . . and, they did the same for me, with sparkling eyes. isn't it good to find we are family, all of us together.

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