• Georgy

"Make New Friends . . "

On Tuesday Morning, when i arrive at Subterranean Books I always check the front windows for the latest picture books. I was entirely pleased to see the name "Eion Colfer" as author of "Imaginary Fred." It ws the first book I picked for story time.

Oliver Jeffers, illustrated this book. Oliver Jeffers is one of those amazing artists, who seems to do EVERYTHING well . . . (click on his name & visit his site, okay?)

The book might be a little long-ish for regular "tiny tots" - BUT, there is nothing ordinary or regular about our amazing Tuesday Morning Story Clan . . . and we enjoyed this story about the best bond ever . . Friends.

I hear "Imaginary Fred" will be on tour soon. It doesn't look like Subterranean Books is on the list . . BUT, that shouldn't keep you from inviting all your friends, imaginary and others . . to enjoy time together . . and, perhaps - read this book, bet it makes you smile you smile.