• Georgy

You Are Not Alone

I learned a little about Inuit people from one of my favorite authors, Farley Mowat. He explained that a person may travel great distances, and have larger than life experiences, which could be frightening, and cause them to feel alone. SO, The People would stack large stones to look like humans. They may even put moss on the top to look like hair, so even from a great distance, a person could see and know they are not alone.

This was a very small mound, near a bench that i visit regulary, a stone and a standing, Fall Leaf . . . I wondered about the person who took time to create this . . I sent my thoughts to them in the air, to let them know - i saw . . they are not alone.

Whatever you are facing . . . please know . . YOU Are Not Alone.

love & love,



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